Friday, August 22, 2014

St. Judes Sweet Corn Festival 10k - Saturday, August 9, 2014

The morning was cold for an Iowa summer. Let's say it was a perfect day for running in August in Iowa.  It was about 64 degrees with a breeze and lower humidity than usual.  I thought, this is a day I could finally PR my 10K distance!  Jason, Alyssa and I were all volunteering at this race as well.  Jason and I were helping with the packet pickup for the 1.5 hours before the race and Alyssa was helping at the main water stop.

Packet pickup went smoothly and then it was time to start the race.  I got a short quarter mile warm up and a few exercises in before the race started.   Jason stayed with me to push me to a new personal record.  I'm so grateful he helps me out since I know he could have ran this race in about 55 minutes or less, and instead we finished  together in 59:23.  The course measured long  on my Garmin to 6.38 miles and we definitely cut all the tangents.  I asked around to other people about the distance and everyone was saying the course was long by .18 to .25. One guy said he measured 6.45 miles on his watch.  All I can say is this.  I don't mind that the course way longer, however it advertised it was only 6.21 and a 10K distance is 6.20.  I know had it been closer to that distance my time would have been around 57:45 something because when I looked down at my watch when the distance was at 6.20 it was around 57:45.  Wow what a PR that would have been.  I still did PR by 2 minutes and 5 seconds and I'm really grateful for that. I hope to continue to PR for many years and someday run a 10K at 55 minutes or less and a Quarter Marathon under an hour, which will help me achieve a Half Marathon in under 2 hours which is my ultimate goal.

   Our race splits were as follows:
Mile 1  9:02
Mile 2  9:31
Mile 3  8:52
Mile 4  9:45
Mile 5  9:17
Mile 6  9:38
.38 of next mile 3.18

Great things about this race:
bib for your scrapbook
chip timed for a starting and ending time (Gun time and chip time)
printed out immediate results for your scrapbook
food at the finish line
awesome looking shirt.
Medals for all the places in age groups
door prizes

Not so great things about this race:
The course measured long.

The results are HERE !
Alyssa and I right after the race.  Alyssa helped out at a water stop as a volunteer.

Jason and I right after finishing the race.  We finished in under an hour!

Our race numbers.
To my surprise I acheived 3rd place in my age group and received a medal.  Pictured with me is Muriel.  She achieved 1st in her age group.  She ran really fast.

Jason's and my race results.

Back of shirt.

Front of race shirt.
Jason won these Theifosi sunglasses.  They are super awesome. The best prize on the door prize table.

After the race we went to Red Robin and I had a Chocolate mint shake.

This was a picture of my dinner.  I only ate 1 bite of the sandwich and a few fries then packed it all up to eat later on.

Alyssa got the burning love burger.  It had a jalapeño on top.

Jason with his new sunglasses on.

Alyssa trying on a mask at STUFF, which is a local consignment store.  We went there to shop while we were in Cedar Rapids.

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