Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Dam to Downtown 10K,April 18, 2015-- Iowa City, IA

The night before this race I posted on Facebook that I knew I could beat my last personal record of 59:23 in the 10K that I had just set the summer before.

After I posted my public goal I panicked a little because I realized that this course the next day was super hard for 10K's.
I knew I had to do my very best then I could achieve this great goal. The problem was this course is not race friendly.  It has at least 5 LONG STEEP HILLS and the entire course is rolling hills and harder than I had remembered.

I have ran this course twice in the past.  First in 2010 and my time was 1:05:58, then in 2012 when I was 39 I ran again for a time of 1:01:28.  So then I started to doubt myself.  I am 3 years older, have I gotten faster?

I warmed up with a very slow 2 mile run, some stretches, and leg exercises.

We all walked across the bridge over the Dam and waited for the start gun.

I started out faster than my comfort pace and hit the first hill.  I ran the hill just fine.  The 2nd hill happened And I was able to run it just fine.  Then the 3rd long hill.  Somehow I had blocked that hill out.  I did well until near the top and then walked it.  My legs were on fire.  I wasn't sure that I could run another 3 miles.  Those hills were bad.

I really struggled through the next 2.5 miles.  Dubuque hill really kicked my butt.  Then there was Tyler Sullivan at mile 5.7 on the side of the road.  He started to run with me to help me finish strong.  He talked to me and pushed my pace.

I ended up getting a new PR by 21 seconds.  I know to some this isn't much but on this course it was a lot.  Plus it was a 2 minute 26 second PR on this course 3 years later.  I feel that a 56 minute 10K is within reach on a flat course.

Here are the results for this year:2015 RESULTS.  Now for some pictures
My watch that shows my recorded time.

A picture my friend Susan took before the race.  I look scared to death which I kind of was.

Jason got this picture of me almost at the finish line!

Caleb, his girlfriend Megan and a sign Caleb made.  Too funny

My good friend Tyler Sullivan who helps me run faster.  Tyler placed 3rd overall in the race.  He is super fast.
My bib

Front of shirt

Back of shirt.

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