Sunday, May 31, 2015

Marion Arts Festival Half Marathon - Saturday, May 16, 2015 - Marion, Iowa

The morning was warm. Not too bad, but not too great. I picked up Susan at 5a.m. to travel to Marion to get my favorite parking spot for this race 2 hours early. I went super early because I had 7 miles to run before the race to be able to get my 20 miles in for my marathon training.  I only was able to do 5 before the race since packet picket up took a little longer than I expected and I wasn't paying attention to the time.

The race was going well until mile 11.5 in the race.  Susan's foot caught a raised edge of the pavement and she went down super hard.  Her head hit and her arm hit bad.  I couldn't believe she was on the ground.  She looked in so much pain and her disappointment was super great.  I'm glad we stayed together so I could help her up.  After some medical attention (people on bikes getting her ice), she wanted to walk to finish.  I walked with her.  She told me to run ahead and finish and I wouldn't leave her.

The huge bummer about this is she wanted me to run with her to pace her to have a faster half marathon.   I didn't mind running with her because today I was just going for 20 miles running, not any personal records, plus I wouldn't want to try for a personal record time in this heat.
Her previous record was 2:39 and we were on track for a 2:25, which would have been a major PR for her.  Next time.

It ended up that she broke her Humerus bone.  Not so funny.  She won't be able to swim for a while and she's an extremely competitive swimmer.

After the race I ran a couple more miles while she was in the medical tent.  I did complete 20 that day, but the day just didn't seem fun anymore.  I just feel so bad for her.
Susan and I just before the race started.  She wanted me to tape up her knees like I do mine.  The tape is knee saver.   I personally believe that anyone with sore knees or knee tracking problems should use this stuff, it saves you hours of pain and you can do more physical things you want to do.

I saw this street sign in our first 2 miles of the race.  Too cool.  It reminded me of my marathon coming up called Sunburst Marathon.

front of shirt
Bib with medal
back of shirt

A picture of some of the stuff in your packet.  I do like getting biofreeze
samples and other fun stuff.
This is us after the race.  She may have a smile, but she was in massive pain.

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