Thursday, November 10, 2016

Backroads Half Marathon - Amana, IA- Saturday, August 6, 2016

Not a race you want to do on a hot day, but oh well we did anyway.  This was Amy's very first half marathon.  She trained for several weeks.  I picked this one because of 3 reasons
1.  It had lots of hills
2.  It wouldn't matter if we walked a lot because then her 2nd half marathon she would PR for sure
3.  It advertised a nice finishing medal.

I can't seem to find the actual results, but our times were right around 3 hours.  We finished together.  It was a super hot day and we walked about 1/4th of it.  No shame in walking in a half marathon.

Would I do this one again?  Maybe, but only if the day wasn't so hot.  The course was extremely hard full of hills and gravel.  So I might do it to better my time.

Just finished
Amy feeling awesome for finishing her first half marathon.

Close up of the medal.

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