Thursday, November 10, 2016

Park to Park half marathon - Waterloo, IA- Saturday, September 10, 2016

There has been a lot of flooding up North so I was afraid this race would be cancelled.   We had just done a half marathon 6 days before this on my birthday so for this race I wasn't going to push the pace.    I decided to run with Amy the entire way and hopefully help her PR.  The weather was okay, but not as cold as I like to do long races in.  I forgot to take before and after pictures.  Crazy.  So I only have a couple pictures.

Part of the course was flooded so we had to run through all that, but at least the race wasn't cancelled, for I would have been really sad.  Full results are here!

Great things about this race:

  • Most of the time you get a cute custom race bib, if you are late to packet pickup you may not get that, so show up early.  
  • Instant results at the finish
  • Nice race shirt if you sign up early and there are extras ordered so if you sign up late you still might get a shirt.
  • Beautiful medal
  • Plenty of food at the end and a HUGE variety of food.  If there isn't a food you like at the end then you are simply too picky.
  • mostly flat course.  There are a couple small hills, but they are so small that you can't really call them hills, just bigger bumps in the road.
  • Gorgeous scenery.  
  • Plenty of water stations on the course so you really don't have to bring your own water.
  • Coupons on the race bib for my favorite popcorn store that I did visit after the race.
Things that could be improved:
  • Weather.  Ha Ha, really, that can't be controlled so get over it already and run in whatever you are delt with.  Sign up early and hope for the best.  This year it wasn't bad.
  • Plenty of custom bibs for EVERYONE, so no matter when you show up to pick up your packet you still get a cute custom bib for your scrapbook, because to some of us, this matters.
  • A bigger expo, but not all races even have expos, so it's nice that there was something.  I love to buy new race socks for all long races, so I would have loved to see Balega socks there to buy.

Bibs and results for Amy and I

Parts of the race course were starting to flood.  Good thing it was only 3-4 inches deep.  Could have been so much worse.

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