Thursday, November 10, 2016

Newbo Half Marathon 2016 - Cedar Rapids, IA- Saturday, September 4 2016

I have always wanted to do a race on my birthday. This year this awesome race landed right on my birthday. The Newbo Half Marathon and it was close to home.  So I registered for it and hoped for a sweet PR.
The PR didn't happen, but the run went fairly well.  I felt pretty good and had energy throughout it.
The problem was it was a little too hot to run and I don't do well in heat.

 The sunrise was gorgeous, even though you can't tell that from the bad picture.  The course was mostly flat and the medals were handmade, so those were bonuses.  The bad thing was most of the food was gone by the time my friend finished so she didn't get everything others did.  I did like how Newbo Market was open after the event so we could change clothes and get some food from local vendors.  Full results are here.

Before the race began.  Me, James and Amy.

My friend James Anderson went to find Amy and run in with her.  I stayed behind so I could get pictures of her finishing.
My final time.
Finished and showing off the handmade medals.

The bibs and finishing results

Showing off the great race shirts!

Afterwards enjoying our favorite beverages.  Me with a smoothie and Amy with her beer.

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