Sunday, December 13, 2015

Columbus Turkey Trott-Thursday, November 26, 2015

On Tuesday of this week I had two surgeries. Not super major, but surgeries.   One surgery was on my toe and I was awake and numbed up.  That lasted maybe 10 minutes.  The 2nd surgery I was put under and it lasted about an hour.  Then it took me over an hour to wake up. I was told that for the 2nd surgery that healthy people recover from it in 1-2 days, and unhealthy people could have up to a week of recovery.  The doctor said to run the race only if I felt good in two days, but to take it easy and not speed race.
I was determined to feel great within 36 hours so I could register and run the race.  I woke up the next morning and did feel better.  By that afternoon I felt great, as if nothing had happened.  I registered for the race for the next morning.  Jason decided to run it with me to make sure I didn't speed race.  Plus I think he secretly wanted the Turkey medal.

The morning of the race was a gorgeous day.  A cold day, but not too bad.  I didn't need a coat to run in and even my shirt became too hot.  It was perfect running weather.  I started out at a decent speed, but not too fast.  My insides felt okay, but not exactly wonderful.  I knew I needed to be careful.  I was able to keep about a 10-10:15 minute per mile pace.  So it felt like a training run more than a race, but I did complete it and only had mild cramping later in the day.
Before the run took place.  Me wearing my turkey tights,turkey headband, cute socks and arm sleeves.  AND of course the Hawkeye shirt in Buckeye land!
Bibs with medals
My garmin showing my time.
After the race back at my parent's home.
The cute turkey medal.  Glad I ran the race to get it.

The next day I felt like running again.  I ran 6 miles and while on the run saw this sign.  I had to have a picture since my maiden name is Lewis!

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