Sunday, December 13, 2015

Santa Cause 5K - Peoria, IL - Saturday, December 12, 2015

It was an extremely foggy morning. More foggy than I have ever driven in, in my life. I woke up at 5:15a.m. and started getting ready for the race. I picked up Chris at 5:55 a.m. and we left for Peoria. It was very dark and super foggy and I had to really pay attention to where I was going. I figured that by the time the sun came up the fog would burn off. I was wrong. The fog was just as bad and now the sun was shining into it. You couldn't see anything.

The race started and I knew 10 minutes into it that I was going to boil.  Thank goodness I didn't wear the Santa pants.  I was in shorts and only a sports bra underneath the hot coat.  The only cool thing about the coat (outfits) was people driving by the race that are usually super irritated about runners were whistling, cheering us on and honking.  They all thought the sea of Santas was awesome.

I kept a nice 8:15 minute per mile pace for mile 1, but by mile 1.2 I was hot, very hot, boiling hot.  I should have taken the coat off then and why I didn't I don't know.  Well Yes I do, because I only had a sports bra on underneath and I have never in public ran in a sports bra only.  Gross.  But this time was going to be different.  By 1.5 miles in, I was on fire, like felt nauseous, pukey.  Not something you want to feel racing.  So I did what I needed to do and wrapped that coat around my waist and let the cooler air hit me.  I didn't want to pass out.  No one wants an ambulence ride at a 5K race or ever.

 Then at the water stop I poured water on my head.  Yes in December I poured water on my head and I was running in a double sports bra, shorts and a sants coat around my waist.  It was 62 degrees out in Illinois in December.  Bodies running heat up at least 20 more degrees.  Crazy.  My second mile suffered greatly because I was hot.  I think it was a 12 minute mile.  So disappointed in that mile split.  By the end of the 2nd mile I finally felt better and had cooled off a bunch.  I was able to run faster.  Finished in 28:56.  I know I could have done a 26 something, but not in this heat.  A fun race, but it needed bananas at the end or something like that.
This is a picture of the starting line when everyone was lining up.  The race director asked everyone to PLEASE wear their santa coat and hat for sure.  We didn't have to wear the pants, beard or belt,   

This picture was taken at 9:15 a.m., 45 minutes before the race started and there was still this much fog.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  Glad the fog burned off before we drove home.
Chris and I before we warmed up to run.

A selfie in the beard.  Glad I didn't run in it.  It was WAY too hot.
My stats.  I didn't run as fast as most 5K's, but I was overly hot in that suit.  I felt I did well for my age group.  Being in the top 12% in my age group.  Not too shabby.  And the top 15% of all the females.  This was Gun time not chip time, BTW.
Chris running in for a great finish!  She is awesome.  I'm so proud of her for running and staying fit.  She will turn 69 next week and is determined to keep running.

The Garmin stats.

Chris and her daughter.

We were promised a free soda if we didn't want beer.  However they ran out of regular soda and who wants diet?  Gross.

A beaver or something swimming in the water.  Too cool.  I need a better camera.

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Heather S. said...

Hi Michelle,

The Santa Cause 5K race director here. :) Thanks for participating!! Sorry about the weather, we were planning for sub 30 degree weather and perhaps snow (that's why the after party was inside, haha). Peoria set record high temps Saturday - hopefully next year it's not so hot.

That's so great to hear that the drivers of Peoria weren't angry with the road barricades! Who can really be mad at Santa's though?! :)

I apologize for the water shortage afterwards. Our intentions were to get the water containers from the water stop to the Gateway building before everyone made it back but it didn't work out as well as we thought it would (we were short on containers). We also didn't think very many people would want soda after the race (only 19 people were underage), so we figured most adults would either want water or beer.

We'll be sending out a questionnaire this week to ask anyone what we could do better for next year, since this was the first year we've ever done it. Feel free to voice all of these opinions so we can make the following years spectacular!!! We hope to see you again next year! Thanks Michelle!