Sunday, December 13, 2015

Return of the Turkey Trot-Saturday, November 14, 2015 -Marion, IA

It was a bitter cold morning, but the weather was clear and beautiful and it was warming up. Chris and I went to the race together and when we were there we met Russell, who is my friend from the Cocky Rooster racing club I am in.  They do packet pickup the morning of at this race so that is nice.  The race is indoors so you can use the bathrooms or stay warm if it's really cold out.

Turkeys on the side of the road that I saw on my way to the race.  Cute.
Turkeys on the side of the road.
I warmed up well by doing a half mile of running and some leg exercises,and should have taken all clothes off down to a thin shirt, but it was freezing outside.  I knew better than to go out too hot.   I lined up. They play the national anthem and then the gun went off.  I went out fast and felt great.  I was holding a 7:40 minute mile.  I actually held that for half a mile this time.  Then slowed to an 8:15 minute mile pace and held that for a long time.
Front of shirt, they always have great turkey shirts for this race.
 I realized soon that I started out with a layer too many and by mile one took off the outer layer. I was so glad I didn't have more to take off. I ended up getting a sweet new personal record for an 8K of 45:33.

The back of the shirt

Russell, me and Chris before the race.

The pancake breakfast after the race.  I ended up only eating 1 pancake, saving the banana, drank the milk and that was it.

My number

Our race shoes.
Full results if you care.  I was 10th of 23 in my age group.

My Garmin showing my personal best time.  The Garmin didn't star right away at the beginning of the race, it had a delayed reaction, obviously because my time was really 45:33 and I really ran 5 miles.

My time slip

Chris won 2nd in her age group for her first 8 K in 30 years.  Great job Chris!

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